************DISCLAIMER TO THE READER************

These words are written with no distaste or disrespect. These words are written specifically for me. And if they're read by your mind, just remember, they weren't written with any particular audience in mind. The YOU is not you, the he is not him, and the she is not her. These words are simply my imagination at work. If you dislike, or disagree, it doesn't even matter to me. You are merely more than a distraction to me, if you have negativity for me. Say something, say nothing, it doesn't matter to me. You might be able to beat me up, but you'll never conquer my mind. My ideologies are present at times, but i push them on no one, at any time. The characters in my lines may be fictitious, or possibly may not be. Either way, I'll never succumb to your questions, so don't bother me. I won't explain anything I've ever said in words. You either get it or you don't. But don't ever ask me what anything means. I know what ALL of it means, and that's ALL that matters to me...

Read on if you want, let your mind mingle with mine. Or save yourself from these words, before they enter your mind. I cannot guarantee these words will stimulate your brain, but I can guarantee that these words are 100% mine. Never copied, borrowed, stolen, or plagiarized. This is stuff thats's extracted from different depths within me. Sometimes shallow, sometimes deep, sometimes without beginnings or endings, but all of it comes from me. Derived from love, from pain, from those that get inside of me. And what's left on this page, was once a thought, sight, or feeling. Channeled through my body, my nerves, to the tip of my hand, ending as ink on this page, leaving me with either a smile, or a straight face...

So go on, to the next page, or just go away...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Everything about this video is genius. Bar none. If you watch this video, and don’t understand a deeper underlying message….then you just don’t get it. Watch it again…and when you’re done, watch it….again. One of the best music videos ever produced. I’m only gonna say this once. Wake the eff up, and live your life. Are you dying as each day passes? Or are you getting closer to living. You choose. Choose wisely. And choose tomorrow, as soon as you wake up.

Inside our heart, is an expiration date. You will NEVER get to see this date. But it is your destiny. It could be 72 years from now….but it could also be tomorrow. Live with momentum. Live with heart. Live with passion. And exercise compassion to every individual you encounter. Second chances ARE given. In the form of NEW beginnings….take that step. Open your eyes….LIVE…for once in your life. Tomorrow is NEVER promised….but this moment… here… now… IS. What will you do? Who will you become? Let your guiding light be the path of honor, and integrity….the silent hero’s of our lives….

I love my Mom & Dad, (David & Peggy).  I love my 2 sisters, Jami and Katie.  My parents are on the Oregon Coast right now, i wish i could be with them...sometimes....i just miss them.


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