************DISCLAIMER TO THE READER************

These words are written with no distaste or disrespect. These words are written specifically for me. And if they're read by your mind, just remember, they weren't written with any particular audience in mind. The YOU is not you, the he is not him, and the she is not her. These words are simply my imagination at work. If you dislike, or disagree, it doesn't even matter to me. You are merely more than a distraction to me, if you have negativity for me. Say something, say nothing, it doesn't matter to me. You might be able to beat me up, but you'll never conquer my mind. My ideologies are present at times, but i push them on no one, at any time. The characters in my lines may be fictitious, or possibly may not be. Either way, I'll never succumb to your questions, so don't bother me. I won't explain anything I've ever said in words. You either get it or you don't. But don't ever ask me what anything means. I know what ALL of it means, and that's ALL that matters to me...

Read on if you want, let your mind mingle with mine. Or save yourself from these words, before they enter your mind. I cannot guarantee these words will stimulate your brain, but I can guarantee that these words are 100% mine. Never copied, borrowed, stolen, or plagiarized. This is stuff thats's extracted from different depths within me. Sometimes shallow, sometimes deep, sometimes without beginnings or endings, but all of it comes from me. Derived from love, from pain, from those that get inside of me. And what's left on this page, was once a thought, sight, or feeling. Channeled through my body, my nerves, to the tip of my hand, ending as ink on this page, leaving me with either a smile, or a straight face...

So go on, to the next page, or just go away...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hate Me - Blue October

Blue October. Finally Here. Tomorrow Night. Enough Said...

This video was made by a 15 year old kid...but he delivers his message pretty well...

True Love, is a heartbeat that never fades...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

18th Floor Balcony

Just Bought 2 tix to This Show In Boise, ID. Love This Song, Love This Band. Prolly only needed 1 ticket, but what can I say, i'm a dreamer...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OAR - Shattered (lyrics)

Aww man... Sometimes life is scarier than a spider... more confusing than mathematics... and as unpleasant in taste, as black lickerish. I'm a keep truckin. I'm a put my head down... and keep truckin. Just need some space... some time... I've already got the directions.

Love lives in the core of your bones... Beneath the marrow... And no matter how bad you want to shake it, it doesn't leave... until it's ready.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

After Summer....Comes The FALL.

After Summer...Comes The FALL.

There is nothing that feels as good as the new...but...nothing that fits as good as the old. The new, knows nothing, of the ghosts of love, that live within us. When they kiss us, touch us, love us...

We fight battles with memories of love as strong as a million battalions. But the smile on our face prevents you from seeing our hearts. We are the soldiers of Love Defeat.

On the outside, we are human. On the inside, we are broken. Slaves of memories, that wrap around us like lovers by the fireplace. Clouds, that make shapes that look like us. Sunsets, that render colors that match your skin tone. And voices in a crowd, that sound like you, but are not you...

When you kiss me, I feel guilt consume me, for it is a girl from the past that lives within me. When you touch my skin, I cringe...the texture of your hand, is different than hers...

When I call you, I almost call "her" every single time. Like it's programmed in my mind, in my heart, in my fingers, in my phone. When I tell you nice things...it's because I know I must, and I mean them...but am not ready to be saying them. And these statements take nothing from you...it's just that everything in me, is consumed by her. That is not your fault, but rather mine.

If I leave you here alone, in this park, after this talk...it's because I know you are worth more than what I am on this day. If I tell you this, and then walk away, do not call my name. Do not follow me. I am...broken, spoiled, and left open. Expired in this moment, curdled from this feeling.

These things are not caused by you, but this IS being ended by me. Your heart gives, like no one I have ever met. Your love is pure, like my childhood dreams of love. You deserve 100%, more than anyone I've ever met, but that's just not where I am today. Tears consume me, but not because of my pain, but because I can relate to yours. Wondering when someone will appreciate you for who you are...I've been there...I've lived that dream...I've stood ready...steady...and been broken by that very dream.

I've stood there...before someone I was utterly crazy about. And asked the very same questions, with the very same confusion...asking why, if you like me, you can't give this a try. Why you can't show me some effort, or some urgency...or act like you even appreciate this opportunity. Wondering if she ever once, even saw value in me...I've been bewildered, by a response as simple as..."I'm sorry, I just can't...you'll understand someday."

It's so easy for you to say "just give this a try." But I will not tear you, and I will not trick you, nor will I trick myself. I will not track my mud into your life. I will not let the gravel I travel on, cause you to slip on your highway that is perfectly paved. Trust me, it takes more strength to do this, than to just do what I want. Maybe I'm a fool for feeling this way, acting this way, reacting this way...maybe I'll regret this one day. But I don't have that answer....today.

You're worthy of a million dreams, granted in this lifetime. And those dreams, will happen for you. You are literally one in a hundred million. Beautiful, gentle, educated, classy, compassionate, humble, soft, giving, caring, loving, incredible, driven, and simply marvelous. Everything I desire in a woman. Every time I am around you, I can feel the presence of a million men, that would love to just talk to you, take you out, cook you dinner, hug you, kiss you, love you. Your journey to separate the real, from the rebels, must continue here tonight. So stop telling me the sweet things you shower me with. And you must stop doing the sweet things you do for me, including the little surprises. Your vision is blurred by my ability to dream of who I wish I was, just because I can communicate it well.

I can picture your eyes, and your tears, and your touch, as you read this letter. That's why I handed it to you...and walked away, and asked you not to open it, until I had driven away. I didn't wish to leave you alone, but I wanted you to see the sunset...and as I walked to my car, I wanted to see it too...and I wanted to know we were both looking at it at the same time...trivial to some...but a gift of irony in a moment of goodbye's, for me. For me to be happy, my life MUST be full of thought...nothing is surface material to me...everything I do, is like a braid, in some fashion...but sometimes I'm the only one that knows how the links connect.

Sit down, where you stand, sit down. Rest in this freshly cut green grass. Yesterday, when you took me to ice cream, I slipped a CD under your front passenger seat. Along with that CD I made...is the first card you gave me in August. What you wrote in that card, touched my heart...to the core. I had to ask myself, is she really real? Like really really real? I want you to do me a favor...one last favor...

I want you to read this and understand why I gave that card back. I gave it back...because every time you get down on life, or relationships, or love... I want you to open that card...and I want you to read what you wrote to me...and i want you to realize how incredibly amazing you are...I want you to read it out loud to yourself.

The CD is the "love" album you used to listen to on my iPod when we ran. :) I wanted to at least give you a copy of that folder, since it was your favorite...ugh. That iPod looked good on you...so if you dig further back under your passenger seat, the iPod is there too. I know yours broke, and I don't ever use mine.

I'll find you a "Perfect 9." Because we both understand, nobody wants a "Perfect 10," as you said. :)

I hope you understand...I'm just standing up for something...and that's YOUR future. I'll see you on the trails...and please don't chase me...because we both know I CAN'T out run you... :(

Monday, September 6, 2010

OneRepublic - Secrets

Nothing in this world tops a night of conversation until the sun comes up, and ends with goose bumps and a kiss that carries a million heartbeats in one, at dawn. The process of love, is the MOST amazing journey we could ever hope to take....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

When you justify who you are, based off compliments from people that DON’T EVEN KNOW THE REAL YOU, that’s not security, that’s DENIAL. Wake up….
Stop listening to the people that will say whatever it takes...and start listening to the people that actually loved and cared about you.  Arrogance IS Ignorance. And its a disease that lasts a lifetime, when you deny it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Everything about this video is genius. Bar none. If you watch this video, and don’t understand a deeper underlying message….then you just don’t get it. Watch it again…and when you’re done, watch it….again. One of the best music videos ever produced. I’m only gonna say this once. Wake the eff up, and live your life. Are you dying as each day passes? Or are you getting closer to living. You choose. Choose wisely. And choose tomorrow, as soon as you wake up.

Inside our heart, is an expiration date. You will NEVER get to see this date. But it is your destiny. It could be 72 years from now….but it could also be tomorrow. Live with momentum. Live with heart. Live with passion. And exercise compassion to every individual you encounter. Second chances ARE given. In the form of NEW beginnings….take that step. Open your eyes….LIVE…for once in your life. Tomorrow is NEVER promised….but this moment… here… now… IS. What will you do? Who will you become? Let your guiding light be the path of honor, and integrity….the silent hero’s of our lives….

I love my Mom & Dad, (David & Peggy).  I love my 2 sisters, Jami and Katie.  My parents are on the Oregon Coast right now, i wish i could be with them...sometimes....i just miss them.


Deuce Cat

I Love My Cat To Death.  His Name Is Deuce. He Is Deuce Cat, And Deuce Cat INSISTS On Sleeping On Top Of My Backpack. Every Single Day....He Finds It, And Sleeps On It. :) Deuce Cat Is My Best Friend, And I Would Be Lost Without Him....I Love You Duece....