************DISCLAIMER TO THE READER************

These words are written with no distaste or disrespect. These words are written specifically for me. And if they're read by your mind, just remember, they weren't written with any particular audience in mind. The YOU is not you, the he is not him, and the she is not her. These words are simply my imagination at work. If you dislike, or disagree, it doesn't even matter to me. You are merely more than a distraction to me, if you have negativity for me. Say something, say nothing, it doesn't matter to me. You might be able to beat me up, but you'll never conquer my mind. My ideologies are present at times, but i push them on no one, at any time. The characters in my lines may be fictitious, or possibly may not be. Either way, I'll never succumb to your questions, so don't bother me. I won't explain anything I've ever said in words. You either get it or you don't. But don't ever ask me what anything means. I know what ALL of it means, and that's ALL that matters to me...

Read on if you want, let your mind mingle with mine. Or save yourself from these words, before they enter your mind. I cannot guarantee these words will stimulate your brain, but I can guarantee that these words are 100% mine. Never copied, borrowed, stolen, or plagiarized. This is stuff thats's extracted from different depths within me. Sometimes shallow, sometimes deep, sometimes without beginnings or endings, but all of it comes from me. Derived from love, from pain, from those that get inside of me. And what's left on this page, was once a thought, sight, or feeling. Channeled through my body, my nerves, to the tip of my hand, ending as ink on this page, leaving me with either a smile, or a straight face...

So go on, to the next page, or just go away...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Iyaz "Solo" Official Lyrics Video

Defeat Is NEVER Permanent. There Are Many More Fights On The Horizon...Rebuild, Repair, Replenish, and Fight! Most importantly, place your faith in God, fully! Everything happens for a reason, I FULLY believe that, and YOU better believe it too! Losing someone hurts, but it also replaces that excitement in your body, knowing God had something else in mind for you! I cant wait to share my life with Her! :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Little's Enough...

***I must remind the reader, ALL of my work is fiction.  I never write about real life.  Who could ever relate to that? We are puppets on strings, in someone else’s game.  None of this was ever real, until proven so.

***And on a side note, this particular one is super super long. So I recommend if you have trouble following through with things, then don’t even start. I mean….why bother?  Just walk away now…

December 1st.
The first full day without a text,
Since the day I met you,
After waking from last night,
The first night, without your blanket in my bed. 
Adjustment, is the key to life,
Getting caught up on what was, will crush tomorrow.

Peace of mind.
A moment that is…
Never granted to the weak.
Orders, disorders…
Dimes and dilemmas…
Peace is granted in the mind of the fighters.
This world caters to the strength of warriors…
And robs the weak of heart.
We are peasants of the night.

The true, travel on roads so barren,
Resources in this land robbed…
By those that take rather than give.
But the peace in our mind…
Is worth the swords of a thousand soldiers.

Love is a fable…used to alter the minds of our children.
Fairy tales, mixed with dreams of what…not is.
Railroad tracks that criss cross hearts…
And leave us with wounds and torn cartilage.
Falling flat on our face…makes us appreciate…
Not only the moments we truly stand on our feet,
But the moments we’re swept off our feet.

What is it with runners.
They have hearts that are untamable.
Hearts that run from love.
Hearts that run for fun.
Hearts that need no one.
But running doesn’t last forever…

Life has taught me one very valuable lesson.
To kneel on my knees for one God….
But never for the love of a woman.
Feelings wrapped in hearts of traps.
If you think you’re up, get ready…
Because you’ve fallen for someone.
Roses in your hand, truth in your heart…
Your life will be robbed…
If you take one more step.

Tricks, disguised as pretty words.
Hands that warm your hand…
But steal from your heart.
This is a black market of misfortune.
And hearts are sold at dusk.

Fear is the cripple.
And the mind lets it triple.
Until you destroy the good.
That stands next to you.

But solid people stand tall.
Posture that poses no problems.
To the knife’s that life throws.

She was a nice girl.
Someone you could talk to.
A smile that left warmth on your heart.
But inside her mind…
A battle was fought.
And if you reached for this girl.
She’d run from you.
So far. So fast. So swift.
That she stirred dust.
And when it settled…
Your own heart…
Was in your hand.

There was pain in her heart.
Problems in her mind.
She was seeking peace….
Just like you and me.
She fought a battle…
Seven days a week.
But she pushed the problem…
Under the rug.
But when you looked close enough.
You could see it in her eyes.
And when she knew you sensed this,
Is exactly when she’d let you go.

Broken, are these moments…
Where we sit still and bleed.
Where we let life beat us…
Rather than set us free.

You want a blog about you?
Step into my life….
Stir things up…
And walk away.
I’ll set fire on a page…
Describing the very way…
That you affected me.

I might look broken for a moment,
But you can’t break me permanently.
The trials of life, have already tested me.
Purity is a dream, desolate are my dreams.

I have met people…
That need no one.
Want no one.
And I pity that battle.
Because it is bleak, and fake…
And its inside these very people…
That the greatest fires burn.
Flames so warm, that minds melt.
And hearts are literally deceased.
Beating….just to keep a breath and a blink.

Social media…has stolen so many hearts
Robbed so many dreams…
All while simultaneously broadcasting it….
To hearts that are watching and weak.
Calloused fingertips from burnt cigarettes,
Life is an ongoing lesson, that tests you and me.
We pass with similar grades from universities,
Or we falter, lose our step, and stumble innocently.

It is not failure that fuels me…
But rather the endless possibilities…
Of rightful love opportunities.
I am not here to play the game…
You take me, you break me…
And you lose me.
It’s simple math…
And it’s that very simplicity…
That creates the strength in me.
You don’t let go of something….
You won’t allow yourself to live without.
And that very notion reassures me…
To always stand up for me.

There are moments…
That feel like magic.
But you must ask yourself…
Who is being the wand.

Some say…
The “real deal” doesn’t have to bend…
I say, bending for others…
Is what makes you the real deal.
Dynamic, with attention to detail.
Concern for others…rather than just yourself.
Life is not a movie trailer, it’s a test.
With lessons taught on every day.

There are frames…
That hold pictures…
That don’t last long.
Bridges we cross…and kiss on…
That we never return to.
Nights that felt like magic.
That we wish NOT…
To be reminded of.
But I will never blame the  “love” broken…
For messing with me.

This particular feeling…
On this particular girl…
Is hard to explain.
Perhaps impossible.
But I’ll try.
Judge not my words,
But try to understand my heart.

At one point in our lives…
We all stand on bridges…
That we’ll never cross again.

I set a goal this year….
To turn 2010 from my toughest year…
To my best year.
And I’ve still got 31 days left…
I’ll make it…

People don’t bail on you in life…
They bail on themselves…
Habits that wreak havoc,
Blisters that burn lives.

But if you examine a balance sheet,
You notice one thing consistently,
Assets are NEVER mixed with liabilities,
And I do my best to keep them far from me.

Dating is NOT easy.
And it was my turn to be reminded.
Lesson learned. Again.

You can’t miss someone you’ve never truly met.
You can’t love someone you never truly knew…

 *** I apologize for the format change from here on out.  My breathing finally slowed down, and i didnt want to continue in such a choppy fashion....

Tonight I write. I turn the page of life. I let my pen take over, and watch this story come alive.  I get chills.  When I sit to write, it takes me back to places that hurt me.  I’m a lover, not a fighter, but you cant get through life, without confronting the fights…

To heal, I ask myself to take a journey. Back a little bit, to one day before I met you.  I stand in a moment, so unaware of who I was going to meet tomorrow.  And I ask that mystery to return to me.  I'm not trying to forgot you, but I am trying to forget that I like you. trying to forget that I miss you. Trying to forget that I was ready for you.

“There is humor in everything. Irony in everything.”  And there are also people that step up to moments, and take their running shoes off.  My words rest when I'm happy. But when something is hurting me, the words flow from me. The dam breaks, and the fish swim free.

I'm not a wanted man, but I am a willing man. Willing to give my heart, to those around me.  Willing to wrap my mental wings, around those that attempt to understand me.  I don’t have to like anyone, but I did choose to like someone…

Is love everlasting? Or is it just a series of moments? Opportunities we collect while we can, stashed away in a shoe box, marked with your name...

If you neglect a rose, it will wilt, and if you neglect a love, the idea will die. The moment will squander, and the memory will fade.  This is not easy, this is heavy. The weight of a million moments, that will never happen.  Sometimes, my envy in others shines through. The happiness I see, wishing I could walk just one mile in their shoes. And soak up these moments, collect them in coat pockets, before I set back out on my own.

But you can't win them all, so fight for the ones that matter, the ones that face you, stand by you, and love you.  And unless two people agree on a mistake, its finalized as a good break.

I dream of kisses, that taste sweet, like a caramel mocha sundae, but never run out, hands that hold tight, like a roller coaster ride.  We don't choose who we fall for, but they sure choose when they let us fall, flat on our faces, or sliding down the wall.  Love will always require four open hands, and two open minds, to create two hearts that beat as one.

My strength is the people, my readers and my army, my fuel is my mind and my dilemmas.  The people that have bled, fought for love, and healed through the power of God and their own mind, are the very people that inspire me to write. I write to express common grounds in hearts far and near. I write for the hearts that could, but don't speak out.  I write for the lives of lovers and dreamers that live in shackles, bound in time.

If you're going to dig around for answers, be sure you can handle the outcome, or you shouldn't be asking...

We could only pray, that when we fall for the wrong person, they are selflessness enough to catch us, long enough to stand us up, and let us go.  So thank you, for catching me when I fell, and letting me go.  If you have to convince someone to like you, be convinced that they DON'T like you.  My mind tells me you don't have to accept what is, until you're truly ready to wake up from the dream.

Life WILL create the bridge, YOU will decide whether you cross...

You can't make someone care, but you can walk away when they don't.  Cold air makes you feel every breath as you breathe, as you think, and as you search for relief.  Cold air has become so familiar to me.

Make your defeats in life temporary, or they will haunt you for years.  And those that enter and leave my life, aren't taking from me, they're taking a piece of me, and they're teaching me, more and more about me.

But sometimes breaking something, actually fixes something else. I find beauty and endearment in the trials of life. Pain is proof that we're not just alive, but actually living.  And the strength we attain from these memories, is what makes us who we are tomorrow.

This is not creative writing, these are candid conversations I have with myself, fights, that I battle with reason, and look for the wrong, to make things right.  Don't fight the people that fight themselves, because you'll lose.  Fight your heart, but don't fight life.

At some point in your life, you'll stand on a bridge, that you'll never go back to...

But my problem, is putting too many people before ME, it’s like a business plan built for failure, rejected by the bank of hearts.  And one day, I will write words, with mixed verbs, that will steal hearts back from the thieves of broken minds.

The fight stops...when the fight...stops.

Sometimes people ask me what's the matter, I tell them nothing is the matter, but its the mind that matters.  Memories moving through my mind like city parade's. Candy for the kings, words for the mind.

The greatest gift you can give, is often given in someone else's life, rather than your own. Selflessness is a trait acquired through the joy of seeing happiness in the eyes of those you love.  Giving, of your time, your heart, and your truth, is then multiplied in your own life.

Happiness is gathered in the moments we give, rather than the moments we get. And love is a moment to embrace these moments.  My words multiple like the legs of millipedes and centipedes and spread across your heart like the blue turf of our favorite boys.

But one day, I wanna write songs, that build wings on the broken, and carry them through the tough times, I wanna put food in the hands of the unfortunate, and bring peace to not only the middle east, but to all minds undivided in all nations alike.

It was a perfect start, three nights that felt like three years, knowing she was leaving, knowing there would be tears. Keep it simple I told myself, but these feelings, they multiplied without my consent. They grew like vines in a fairy tale.  They grew like relaxation from red wine.

Saturated by smiles, hand in hand for hopefully.....miles. Nope.  I got passed by.  Broken down on the life freeway, a flat tire preventing me from merging to divert this mess.

Moments of broken bridges, collapsed buildings, chaos in me.  Hearts on fire, torn pages, and flames engulfing picture frames.  Rapid...rapid heart beats, that increase the breathing in me. Moments that rattle me, place a momentary jitter in me. Nerves that increase the feeling in me, and questions, that need to be answered for me.  But they aren't, haven't been, and won't be.  So I adjust my perception, and lose a little of me, to see it from your eyes.

Advances in talent, tailor fit to my life, tripping on moments that rock my heart.  Frugal investments measured with caution leaving craters in my mind. Relativity, transpiring a feeling, explained as anything but generic to me.  The curve of the hand, the sensory of the nerves, the cradle of the curves, exploding the emotions in me.  I want more, I want nothing less than the best of you, the most of you, reserved for me, and in return, I'll return the same feeling you put in me.  And THAT’S the very dream, that will remain alive in me…

Its hard not to text you. Not to bother you constantly. All I want to do is be next to you. Hugging you, kissing you, holding your hand.  And night, the last thing I do, is hope that I dream about you.  I wonder constantly, what's on your mind, wondering if its the same thing on my mind.  Visions of us, mixed with the memories we'll make, the chances we'll take, and the moments we'll share… NOPE.

Problems that can't be measured with pro tractors, sometimes real life gets to me. The answers are exposed not in a moment, but rather through time, a schedule that fits God's timing, not mine.  I'm not seeking someone who simply "goes" through the motions, I'm seeking someone who soaks up the moments. Someone who lives for these moments, and treats me like gold tokens.

I don't write for fun, I write for freedom from pain, I write to retain the feeling of living and feeling.  I write to sustain moments in my body that make me feel alive.  I write to scribble out moments that leave stains on my mind. I write to repeat the feelings that teach me lessons, I don't write to complain.

I write on lonesome nights where memories and red wine fuel my veins. I write when someone in my life causes moments of pain.  Moments of feelings that linger and remain.  I write when someone I know has entered my heart, and hasn't handled it the right way.

But I use words for weapons, and my mind for ignition.  Emotion was a strain for you, and that caused pain in me, often times, I felt like only a friend to you.  Tarantulas that embark on wars, dreams that start with a prize in the cracker jacks.

Call me a dreamer, but I'll always place faith over philosophy.  My trust in God is the light that guides me, the wisdom the reassures me, and the forgiveness, that makes me believe in me.  Take a moment to acknowledge a need other than yours, it’s rewarding.  Let the waves of these words crash on your shores.

I don't talk back, I don't talk trash, I challenge minds that matter in my life.

But my heart renders more high's and low's than the continental divide.  Mountains that rob the oxygen from me, rivers that drown me, but my strength is my voice, my reason is my mind, and my mistake is my open heart, my open arms, my open sign, that exposes me.

And when you kill a rose, you can't bring it back to life, but you can always plant a new seed.  And hope its carried by the breeze, over barren sea's, until it brushes against your knees, and if you pick me, and love me, these roots will plant memories in a soil so rich, a legacy will be left behind, from you and me.

You could follow a river for miles, and it will always lead you to the sea, eventually, dumping the silt of your life from tributaries into delta's, cleansing this mess from you and me, washing out the enemies of fear in our minds.

I’m not writing to keep you, I’m writing because I lost you.  I’ve learned in life not to let someone do the same damage to you twice, so I know it’s over, and that’s fine.  But I’m just writing to you, hoping you’re remember those moments, that seemed real to me.  The moments where I thought you believed in me, and wanted to be with me.  This is not punishment to you, this is punishment to me.  It would be a whole lot easier to deny ANY emotion in my body.  But I’d be cheating those around me, and most importantly, I’d be cheating myself.  That is not living, that’s just life.

I guess from here, the wind spells out goodbye.  No more questions of why.  I will close my eyes and accept that I don’t always get to choose the destination of this crazy ride.  I pray for you.  Every night. For the things we talked about in your driveway that night, and the move you’re about to make.  Even in my most painful moments, I can put others in front of me.  Stay true to the course. All of it.  Meeting you was a proud moment in my life, that actually meant something to ME

And if you ever see this bridge again, I hope you remember a time, when you took me there on a cold November night.  When you kissed me, and told me you liked me…I hope in that very moment…you truly did.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tomorrow - Mat Kearney (w/ lyrics)

This Song Is Amazing. But I Must Warn You. It WILL Cost You 4 Minutes Of Your Life.

But Those 4 Minutes, Could Change The Next 40 Years. Open Your Mind, And Hit Play. Read Every Word, Of The Whole Song.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 17, 11:59p.m.

October 17, 11:59p.m.
(in one minute, everything can change)

On this day last year, October 18, 2009,
You told me it was the worst birthday you’ve ever had.
So I'm writing this on October 17, at 11:59.
That was during OUR relationship.
Guess they can only get better without me.

Happy Birthday…
Like a ghost in my presence, on a cold October morning the gentle winds in my soul stir my heart this day.  Green tea held by hands that shiver, these memories are so dear to me. Through the forest of life, I track your steps, haunted by your voice in my mind, living without your touch.

Leaves that twist around me, and timber that falls on top of me, this path has beat me up, and broke my heart. Happy Birthday on this day, twenty nine years passed, seventy one left, that you'll be missing from my life.

Happy Birthday…
These words are not dreams. They are broken moments of love mixed with painful memories.  My stomach hurts. But it’s not caused by milk duds and gum balls.  It’s a sharp pain, that dulls a little more with each passing day.  These memories, they echo like the scream of an eagle, pinpointing the pain in the center of my chest.  Decisions that change lives, choices that break hearts, this was our destiny.  Tools we were, to complete our future, and expand our minds.

Happy Birthday…
Trade winds from the north push south to my house. Carrying with them the image of a woman. Someone who prefers to stand alone, and needs no one.  And in these winds, are mixed radio waves that render images of you and me.  A scent carried by the seeds of memories planted in you and me.

Happy Birthday…
I use to run from this. Hiding from the pain. But no matter how far I ran, kamikaze pilots still crashed you into me. So finally I stopped, I turned, and I faced this. I let the reality enter my heart like a snake bite in the plains.  And as I rest in the sand of the scorching desert, centipedes and scorpions enter my shoes and my mind. The sting is lethal, it will kill me in time, I rest delusional until then, with this picture by my side.

Happy birthday...
I mean that from my heart. As memories rain on me from the heavens above. Storms that collect puddles at my feet. Lightning that lights up moments that electrify me. Thunder that rumbles the foundation of me. How long can God punish his people for their mistakes?  You once posted on your page after we broke up, “Some of Gods Greatest Gifts Are Unanswered Prayers”  Impressive my dear, I felt the knife as it went in, but I hope God grants every single last prayer of yours, now that you’re free from me.

Happy Birthday…
I don't write to love. I live to love. I write to release.  I write for free.  Memories and feelings that stack up inside of me.  Boxed up without bubble wrap, these moments are broken when shipped to you. Sign for these feelings, or leave them on your steps, so many nights I stood outside that door trying to talk to you.  Its best for both of us if you simply disregard me, like you did for most of the time that you knew me. 

Happy Birthday…
Here's to common dreams washed out by the waves of relentless tears.  Here's to chasing hearts that faded far before their potential was met. Here’s to the moments, that molded minds, broke hearts, and changed lives.  And here's to the monsters of the past that frequent minds so torn, so bruised, so broken, that weeds cover the dreams of the yellow brick road.

When my mind fills up, I add ink, and I fill my printer with blank white paper and watch it spill stories filled with carbon vapors. Ingesting moments of love poison, dizzy from the moment, broken from the routine.  The creativity in me neglected by the robotic routine in you.  So many days, with so many pains, so many strains, with nothing further to gain. Boot camp from the back seat, I was never worthy to you, never side by side with you, never an equal in your eyes. But I'll take emotion, and realism, over corporate driven capitalism, you are a soldier of the industry.

Happy Birthday…
Day drops and dreamsickles, morning dew resting on my shoes, moments of imaginary wonder, those days warmed my heart when you gave back. Not even wizards with wands could have saved us on that day. This outcome was inevitable, as I counted the days my heart burned and burned. 

But when you turn your back on someone you love, you can expect the landslide to eventually come.  And it came. In the form of gradual gain. Gradual loss that consumed our days.  This is not pleasure nor payback, this is emotion, in epic proportion releasing from me. So I can move forward, without looking backwards, suspended in moments, caught up without you, while I was with you.

Happy Birthday…
You see, sometimes you ran to fast for me...you let go of my hand and ran. You didn't look back to see that I couldn't keep up with you, branches were lashing my face, as I chased after you.  So many times, I stopped on that dirt path we called a relationship, and I caught my breath as you turned your back. So many times I came to you, to talk to you, to walk with you, to stand by you.  And I was met by a silent phone and a door that never opened for me.

I'm not asking you for anything. I know I'm just a memory. But specifically, I wish you missed me.  And I'm sorry that we breached the peace, illegitimately. I'm sorry that we broke the trust, each time each of us lied so easily.  Hearts replaced with pine cones, needles piercing my heart, this forest thickens like chicken noodle soup, when your heart sails from mine. Wedged in a moment, is a memory of love, once as shiny as a gold token, now tarnished with rust and dust.

But we chase love on a battlefield with hearts as shields, and words and decisions as the swords that pierce our steel. We choke on moments, that act as gags and bullets.  But who we are, IS who we are, not who we wish we weren't.  You can't change the opinions of the past, but you can mold the minds of the future. Hang on, but don't hold on, let up, but don't let go.

Love is not cynical, it is cyclical. We take the position of the broken, or the breaker. These positions alternate, much like that of election years for senators. The balance of power applies within relationships as well.  I don't mind the division. I've become accustomed to it over the years. I'm well versed in mathematics and radicals.

And then there's the radio...
Love music wasn't made to "pain" us. It was made to stain us. With dreams of forever, with a lover of now, not tomorrow.  These songs that play, one after another, remind me of you, remind me of us, remind me of once what was.  It’s hard to turn my back on love…I’m doing my best.

You never looked at me. You looked through me. On your way to dreams that didn't include me.  I was nothing more than a rest area on your interstate. Your cruise control set at such a rate, that the authorities couldn't even catch up to let you know.

I keep this stuff basic, to protect my heart, basically. Take a deep breath, and taste the air, the crisp carnations of brand new beginnings that tickle the taste buds that once burnt me.  We walk on cardboard floors that render shards of glass in our toes. Trivial?  Not really, traumatic is more realistic.

We can’t be expected to survive these floods, when the levees of love break and collapse this trust.  There are these moments I have, where the weakness is rendered within me, and the tears are the evidence on the outside of me. And I take a moment, to turn away from the crowd, and I close my eyes and I dream about, those moments we shared when our hands held tight.

Happy Birthday…
Tactics and semantics, problems and payback, you admitted you drug your feet on important issues just to breach the peace. Do you know what that feels like to know you're wrong, and still fight the one you love? That is selfish and spiteful, and that was the dynamite that built that bomb. And that fuse was long, neither of us really knew how long, but when it finally reached the end, it split us in two. This was a war, a battle of dark versus gentle, and when I finally failed to move forward, I was to blame.

I missed you dearly when you went to Miami. I sat home and realized how much I loved you. I wrote, from morning to night, filled up notebooks and even cried. Pathetic to the reader maybe, but this girl touched my heart, and held my hand just right. I cursed the problems we had, and I put my faith in God, my mind was so broken from our bumpy path. But one thing remained constant to me, through everything. I could not deny my love for you. I could not turn my back, and forget you. We compromised our own lives, just to keep one another. I realized that was not love, but rather robbery. That I was not your destiny, but rather your rebound for tomorrow and today.

Days upon days, month after month I begged for your love. For your open mind. Setting sail on my own, without you by my side. Psychologically I was broken, feeling like I was fighting for us all alone. And I was. I really was. I fixed every fight, offered every first apology, and finally I ran out of will.  I ran out of drive, to drive to your house, to tell you how I feel.

And it was then, while feeling like the mud on the bottom of your shoe, that I slept with another girl.  You blamed me for this action, but this is what finally set both of us free. I could only take so many lies, so many unanswered calls, so many locked doors, before my heart took refuge in the arms of another girl. Someone who knew our situation, and manipulated my weakness.  But I don't point the blame, I take the blame. God has magical ways of setting us free. And he knew I would forever be your love slave.  But in these moments, he gave me the strength, to make me realize you gave less than 50% to me.

Happy Birthday…
This is not exposure. This is the truth in me, coming out on my blog, for any reader to see.  I do not fear judgment. I do not fear the eyes of the crowd. I am not hiding from what happened, and I am not scared to write it.  Life happens.  We make decisions every day that reinforce, or ruin tomorrow.  We get pushed to a point, by the ones that we love, to a dangerous level, where we act on anger and impulse.  We make decisions that break the traditions of tomorrow.  We speak words that hurt feelings, and resonate for hours.

At times, we take the shape of a snake, the face of a cobra, and choke like a python. We are mercenaries, marching in the mountains of myth, searching for a love that may or may not exist.  Life experience, in itself, IS proof, that love IS a battlefield.  These thorns create memories that wound us, when we chase that rose. Walking alone, is better than walking with the wrong company I suppose, and that’s the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to. 
Hypnotized by hidden lies, tornado's twisting stories, lifting love from its fragile foundation.

You blamed me when this failed. But when I was drowning, you never bothered to help me out. You sat on that dock, and watched me slip below the surface. And as my face faded in that murky water, you smiled at me. And instead of fighting for me, you used this opportunity to manipulate and get away from me. Blaming me, so you could play in the sun with the summer boys.

I could write words for years, but they'd never make sense to you. Perspective is something you won't explore, through anyone's eyes but yours.  And it’s fine if you want to set your value at a million dollars, but through life don't turn your back on the best offer.  It’s obvious, that there is nobody out there good enough for you,  but if you don’t want to live your whole life alone, at some point you’re going to have to lower your standards enough, to accept a human.

I still see you...
There are these dreams that recur in me, mixed memories with love theme's.  Emotions mixed with claims of your own self promotions, while this rose bush withers away. Drops of rain from the sky, keep this thorn bush alive for another day.  Hearts with sores, chasing dreams that once soared together in unison, crocodiles nipping at my feet while rainbows render pots of gold for those that let go of me.

And I push on. Hopping hurdles on hilltops, chasing dreams that God promised to me. But sometimes we hobble to the finish line, with frustration wrapped around our mind.  Broken, in moments of everlasting glory, where the love we shared got away from you and me.  These don't have to be lifetime nightmares, because as soon as we let go, they are simply lessons taught to you and me.  Value in the lesson, love in the memory, you'll be just fine without me.

This breakup was a blessing. We are two different people. I never could have been your fitness king, and you never could have been my affectionate queen.  Asking you to stop for a second, and savor the moment, was a chore for you, because it didn't fall within YOUR desires or YOUR agenda.

We both walked a fine line, on an unstable bridge.  Boards and bolts rusting and rotting out. It was only a matter of time, before one of us fell out of the picture. Kodak film, creating a frame, that didn't stretch long enough for life to include both our names on the same.  Protect yourself from people wearing shoes covered in mud.  I've learned one thing in this life for sure...you won't get through this life if you can't accept that some dreams will turn to dust.  They don't always have to burn out, but they do have to adjust, and recreate.

We hold hands that feel right, but eventually let go, we carve faces into pumpkins that nobody knows.  We are portraits of our past, or we are reinvention's of the future, we are dynamic, with changing needs, or we are the water stuck in the puddle, drying up with each splash we let others take.  We accept failure as a lesson, or we never let go.  We wander aimlessly, or reset, get ready, and go…away.

We are the end of a broken road, or the fire that burns a new path, we blaze with passion in a land with light, far after any sunset.  I haven't a clue what tomorrow holds, but I can forecast the outcome of each step.  I can believe in my own heart, without having any other touch.

You took me for granted, day in and day out.  I did so much for you.  Invested so much in you.  But my mind is not for rent. You invest in me for a lifetime, or you leave me alone forever.  You chose one, now I’m choosing the other.  I wish you the best, not only on this day, your Birthday, but on every other day.  You are strong, a leader, a looker, you don’t require anyone by your side, and at times, I questioned whether you ever even wanted anyone by your side.  I hope this birthday was your best yet.  I’ll always remember you telling me your last one was your worst.  The one you spent with me.  That feeling will never fully go away.

I was choked out, and constricted, so many things I wanted to do for you. So many dreams I wanted to share with you.  Burning desires, that never had to burn out, but if you don’t stop the fire, the house WILL burn to the ground.  This is not magic.  This is the unstopped deterioration of melting love, liquefied and drained from our bones, our bodies robbed of the very nutrients that kept us warm together on so many nights.

Happy Birthday…
I did not come here to hurt, burn or conquer anyone.  I came here to bow, before a woman I loved, and hold her hand, for all of time.  I came with the intentions, of everlasting roses and memories.  The winds from the south came between our bodies, and separated us from our goals, and have left painful memories.  The mountains came between our hands, and our dreams.

At any rate, I have lived.  I have learned.  I have burned, and have turned my back on the people that have turned theirs on me.  Sometimes I lay awake at night, and I wonder patiently.  I wonder if in Heaven, all broken hearts are mended into one.  If lovers turned to leavers, reunite as one.  I wonder if the very moments that shaped our hearts, and then changed our hearts, will be forgiven inside you and me.

These aren’t joyous moments.  These lacerations of the heart cut deep in me.  It is upon me, to learn from past mistakes.  It is on me, to never let the ability to love deeply, leave me.  It is on me, to believe in love for one more day, even when it’s hurting me.  It is on me, to look at pictures of you, and smile, and know you will be just fine.  We all know you’re worth a million Katie…but if I offered you nine hundred thousand, would you even be able to relate to me? Would you understand that we all come from a different land, have all held a different hand, have all been stuck in quick sand, have all been in relationships under planned, and have all spent a lot of time walking alone on this land. 

Fingers pointing the finger, but you can only point out disappoint, for so long. And pretty soon heart goes numb, your voice goes quiet, and this is the point when you slip beneath the surface. When you look in the mirror, and accept that nothing will change. Everything you have asked for, means absolutely nothing to the other.  You can feel yourself drowning, and you know there is no way out, but failure.  You live each day, half alive, still loving, but knowing the end is near.  Knowing that you’re coasting, no longer truly trying. 

Happy Birthday…
This is the worst feeling in the world. It’s like hanging from a cliff, one hand on the mountain, the other in your lovers hand, and your lover knows, the only way she will get the top first, is if she lets your hand go.  And in your heart, you know she’s willing to do that, and that feeling is scary as hell.  And in this moment, physically you still hold on, but subconsciously you begin to let go.  You prepare for the defeat, before your heart becomes the feast.  It’s no doubt, that you are chasing the summit.  Your sole goal is to get to the top.  But while you chase the peaks of tomorrow, have you ever thought of holding someone’s hand during the climb.

You start to build a barrier.  You start to survive for one, instead of two.  You start to plan your exit, knowing she is too.  You fight this feeling, day and night, inside and out.  This is not what you want, but it’s inevitable.  It’s coming, whether you want it to or not.  You start to look at things in a different light, all while trying to hide that you know.  We lay on the couch, and watch a movie, and I savor the moment…I know they are running out.  I look around the room, at the fireplace, the office, the reading room.  The kitchen, where I did so many dishes for you.  I look at the couch, where we spent so many nights, in each other’s arms.  The tracks I take in this house, will belong to another man someday.

This causes my heartburn at night, I stand up and pace the room, sick to my stomach. You ask me if I am okay, but I don’t wish to keep you up.  It is my mind that’s eating me, destroying this moment for us.  This moment, that is running out, right there before us.  I crawl back into bed, and hold you as close as I can, knowing that this breakup is crashing down….

My instinct tells me to beg you, to wake you and plea to you.  To explain my pain, and ask for help.  To tell you I need you to be more open minded, to what I’m talking about.  To ask you to slow down, and love me deeper.  To stop lying to me about the things you’ve lied to me about.  To be honest, and trustworthy, so that we can build this trust.  But I hold my breath.  I know better.  On so many nights, I told you these very things.  I begged you to open your eyes, to some of my needs.  And it got me nowhere…which didn’t make them go away.  And so on those nights, I’ve accepted defeat, knowing my voice is not loud enough, not strong enough, to make you understand my needs.  And so on those nights, I lay in bed next to you….watching us sink, and holding my breath. 

I finally accepted that I could speak enough pleas, and write enough letters, to reach to the bottom of the sea, and nothing would change.  So we failed.  I failed.  Our love came crashing down.  And the whole thing was blamed on me.  Incredible…absolutely incredible, that you could chop a tree down, and then blame the wind for tipping it over.  Incredible that you could cut someone’s heart, but blame the bleeding for the death.  Incredible, that you could trip someone, and blame their balance for the fall.  Incredible,

I don’t need your support.  I don’t need your inspirational quotes.  I don’t need text messages or music videos from you….let me tell you, the last thing I NEED from you….this is MY wish on YOUR birthday…

I need you to fall head over heels in love with a man.  Because that man, will be the only thing that sets me free…

"Perfect" people travel on "one-way" streets...which is fine with me.    -Adam

I'll admit...I live in chains....but the next man you fall in love with, will set my heart free...    -Adam