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Monday, August 30, 2010

Curiosity.....That Disappoints

So...Which Animals Mate For Life???  I asked myself this question today, and so i decided to find out.  Here is the list of animals that love ONE mate, forever. :)

1) Gibbon Apes  2) Wolves  3) Termites  4) Barn Owls  5) Beavers  6) Bald Eagles  7) Golden Eagles  8) Condors  9) Swans  10) Brolga Cranes  11) French Angel Fish  12) Sandhill Cranes  13) Pigeons  14) Prions (a sea bird)  15) Red-Tailed Hawks  16)  Anglerfish  17) Ospreys  18) Prairie Voles (a rodent)  19) Black Vultures  20) Penguins  21) Shingleback Skink  22) Whales  23) Ducks & Geese  24) Lobster

If you notice, Humans are no where on this list, yet we are the smartest animal on this planet. Quite frankly, humans make me sick.  We are the ONLY species on this earth, that will single handedly destroy EVERY other species, and then OURSELVES.

So...that being said, here are some more Disgusting Current Facts:

1) In the year 2009, there was a 51% chance, that marriages entered into, would end in divorce.

2) Human Beings are in the lower 5 percentile, of likelihood of staying together for life, among ALL living  creatures on this earth.

3) That means out of everything alive on this earth, 95% of it has better chances of staying together than humans.

4)  There is only a 10% success rate of getting back together for LIFE, once separated.

5) In 1970, married couples accounted for 81% of all households.  Today, that number is less than 60% and dropping yearly.

6) The number of divorced people has more than quadrupled from 4.3 million in 1970, to more than 25 million each current year.

7) Since 1970, the marriage rate had DECREASED by over 30%, and the divorce rate has INCREASED by over 40%.

8) Today, 80% of divorced people will remarry within 3 years.  and of those 80 percent, 75% of them will be on their second divorce, within 3 years.

9) The United States accounts for only 4.52% of the world population, yet has the highest divorce rate in the world.

I guess in spite of all this disappointment, I still believe in love, whole heartedly.  It seems there is a severe gap in parenting with this generation, but thats a whole different discussion for the future. :) I'll stop here....with these last words...

Believe In Love.....Because It IS Real. :)

Oh, and this reminds me of one more thing...One of MY very own quotes, that i absolutely love, taken straight from my Journal:

"Everytime Love FAILS...I Believe In It MORE And MORE...The BEST Things In Life Should NOT Be Easy..."        -Adam Pifer   


  1. Look at the Butt on THAT!!!! ya, he must work out.... ;)

  2. A real man doesnt love a million girls, he loves one girl a million ways. If only mankind would practice what it preached...

  3. A real woman doesnt love a million men, she loves one man a million ways.

  4. that's absolutely right! too bad not everyone can talk the talk...and walk the walk.

  5. exactly. some people hold themselves to such a high standard, that they are truly only capable of failure. but hey, they still think they're perfect....best wishes to heartless people that dont understand compassion and union.

  6. no one is perfect. so who in their right mind would believe that about themselves..or anyone? oh well... whatever makes sense in your mind. to each his own, right? at least there ARE still some of those "real" women left in the world. thank goodness for and props to them...to us! :)

  7. Although those are incredibly depressing statistics, I am with you when it comes to believing that true love can and does exist. It takes 110% from BOTH people and a selfless desire to place the other person's needs above our own. Difficult? Absolutely. Impossible? Absolutely not. If you ever have some spare time or are interested, I will email you the links to my church's series on "Making Love Stick." It is a 4 part series, each one is about 25 min. long....but it honestly is amazing. From my personal experience, it revolutionized my relationship and I believe it will do the same for everyone. (It's good advice for both single and married people.) Anyway, let me know if you want the links!

    P.S. Keep your chin up. You'll find your other half....have faith ;)

  8. Trista, i would absolutely love those links to that information...you have my email address, please send them to me! thanks so much!!!